2012 to Present: Denver Preschool Program Customer Service & Enrollment Vendor



MetrixIQ manages all enrollment, customer service, attendance and payment processing operations on behalf of the Denver Preschool Program. MetrixIQ also develops the annual tuition credit scale used to determine tuition credits paid to providers on behalf of Denver families. In close collaboration with DPP and program partners, MetrixIQ also designed, developed and implemented the secure, cloud-based technology infrastructure that supports the successful delivery of service. 


MetrixIQ has processed more than 25,000 applications and 245,000 payments since 2012 and boasts an accuracy rate greater than 99%. The MetrixIQ technology platform vastly improved data collection and integrity over the prior vendor and now houses all historical DPP student data for reporting, analytical and evaluation purposes. MetrixIQ has never had an audit exception issued by DPP’s financial auditor and is committed to a culture of public stewardship and continuous improvement to deliver exceptional performance.

I totally trust the system and how it adapts to every DPP need we have thrown at it.
— Jennifer Landrum, President & CEO, The Denver Preschool Program


Denver, Colorado

Industry Category

Program Operations and Technology


  • Customer Service
  • Enrollment and Eligibility
  • Data Management
  • Tuition Scale Development