2014 to Present: Program Design & Information System Development



MetrixIQ contracted with early childhood education leaders in Montgomery County, Ohio to advise on tuition credit scale alternatives for a county-wide early childhood education pilot. MetrixIQ developed three tuition credit models for consideration, including a new, innovative framework to account for other public funding sources. Based on the partnership developed over the initial contract phase, MetrixIQ was retained to develop the technology and data management system to support the program’s operations. 


The tuition credit framework proposed by MetrixIQ to account for other public funding sources was vetted by the University of Dayton Business Research Group and adopted for the early childhood education pilot in Montgomery County. MetrixIQ and Technical Reality delivered the technology platform on time and on budget under a very aggressive 6-month timeline. MetrixIQ continues to work with Learn to Earn Dayton and the Preschool Promiseon system enhancements to support outcome research and process improvement.

MetrixIQ applied its extensive knowledge of eligibility and enrollment programs at the early childhood level, and helped us think through every nuanced detail and contingency that presented itself with a keen focus on meeting deadlines, creating dependable data streams, and – critically – ease of use of the system.
— Robyn Lightcap, Executive Director, Learn to Earn Dayton


Dayton, Ohio

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  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Process Design
  • Tuition Scale Development
  • System Design & Implementation