2015 to 2016: Investing in Access to High-Quality Preschool in Cincinnati Research Study


MetrixIQ partnered with RAND Corporation to produce a comprehensive research study to understand the current preschool landscape in Cincinnati. This study included gathering stakeholder perspectives, an evaluation of preschool initiatives in other cities and states, and a cost benefit analysis of policy options for improving access to high-quality preschool in Cincinnati.


MetrixIQ’s initial scope was expanded to include a provider survey and significantly more in-depth analysis of the community impact of other public funding sources to the preschool market in Cincinnati. The project was further complicated by a lack of verifiable information for other public funding from state agencies. Irrespective of the complexities, MetrixIQ completed six 10-year pro-forma scenarios that detailed the possibilities under different policy assumptions for a new publicly funded preschool expansion initiative in Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Preschool Promise. This study was utilized as the primary research base to support the successful levy passed in November 2016. The complete report is available here.

MetrixIQ brought the requisite substantive knowledge and technical skills to our joint project and they were a fantastic partner to work with.
— Lynn Karoly, Senior Economist, RAND Corporation


Santa Monica, California

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